Spring Certification Study Guide / Notes, Resources and Mock Exams

3 07 2010

I am currently working on my Spring Core Certification (via the Grandfather stream). As part of my studies, I have created a set of study notes which I want to share with the community.

The notes can be found at http://springcert.sourceforge.net

These notes are very closely based on the Spring Reference Document (2.5.6). I have tried to summarize the “important parts” of the reference documentation, while excluding the parts that I do not think will be in the exam. This is just my “best guess” based on comments in forums, mock exams and official Spring resources.

I have linked each section back to the Spring Reference Document (so you can easily refer back to the original documentation)

I have also included links back to the Certification Objectives and tried to highlight key concepts and likely exam questions.

As my studies progress and my Spring knowledge increases, I will update these notes.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please register suggestions, defects and improvements for these notes via Spring Certification Discussions.

Enjoy and good luck with your certification!!




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10 06 2011

Thanks for the tips.

Quick timesaving tip to expand all questions automatically: Type following javascript into Firebug console and execute – this will click each link for you to expand them all.

var questions = document.getElementsByClassName(“summary”);
for(var i = 0; i < questions.length; i++){

20 07 2014

This android app helps prepare for the certification through mock tests.



10 01 2015

I am David one of the creator of http://www.springmockexams.com.

First all, I want to tank you Gavin, my preparation started just from your study notes.

Thanks also for your blog post !

We provide a free and a full solution to prepare your Spring Core Certification as well. If you are interested you can just head over:


The website is also packed with general information regarding the exam.

17 08 2015

Hi Gavin, this post helped me a lot for my spring core certification, do you have a blog post or any information about mock test or study guide/notes for the spring web developer exam, is you can share that it will help out a lot of other (including me) who are in process of the spring web developer exam

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